5 min speech

the goal is to write a speech that would take about 5 minutes to present, Below are the questions that should be answered in the speech. In this speech I am pretending I am applying for a job. The job I am applying for is an internship at a sports rehab center as well as chiropractic center called “Body Pro Chiro.” To help with the putting together of the speech I am going to answer these questions. I believe I am a great fit because my dad as well as two uncles both work as doctors. My time in college benefits me because I have taken a specific pre-med program so I will be experienced. Challenges I faced were how to balance time between friends, family, work, exercise, and school. I solved it by using time management. This is just to get you going however you will need to add some more so it adds up to 5 min. Need to be complete by 10 AM pacific time tomorrow April 16

  1. Tell us about yourself and why you’re a great fit for this company?
  2. How does your time in college qualify you for this job? Please explain how your degree and experience in college makes you into a great employee for our company.
  3. What are some challenges that you have faced as a student or employee? What did you do to solve this issue and what are ways you could have better solved the issue (in the case it happens again)?