7 questions in Organizational Management


Personality tests are used in organizations to determine if someone has the characteristics to be a good employee, along with being used to better understand a team member’s personality. Should personality tests be used in organizations in these ways; why or why not?


Explain the reason(s) that the following items are important for self-efficacy at work. Also, identify two that are the most important, along with the reason that each was selected.

  • Job Design
  • Training and Development
  • Self-Management
  • Goal Setting and Quality Improvement
  • Creativity
  • Coaching
  • Leadership


What is emotional intelligence? Why is it important? How can it be used in organizations to make better decisions?


How might someone’s perception impact their ability to make an informed decision? What could be done to change someone’s perception (who is set in their way of doing things)?


What is a stereotype? List and describe four types of stereotypes. What impact might stereotypes have on hiring decisions?


What is diversity; why is it important? What are at least five types of diversity? What can organizations do to promote an organizational that’s inclusive?


Why might the following negative emotions be impactful at work? Which one would affect you the most; why? Which one would make it challenging to work with a co-worker; why?

  • Angry
  • Fearful
  • Frustrated
  • Inadequate
  • Rejected
  • Stressed