Critique Analysis

  • 1. Technology is a human made tool which involves development, processing, and management (Ramey, 2013). Technology is used to make our world easier and faster to manage (Ramey, 2013). It is also used in medicine, education, construction, and many other aspects of our lives (Ramey, 2013). Due to all the technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT) is exploding. Everything that can be connected to the internet is. Most of the devices help us navigate through our day. There are different categories of technologies which connect to the IoT the one discussed in this article is: sensor technologies.Sensor technologies are tools which detect change in physical things (ITU, 2005). Several examples are listed below:· Electronic jacket – which uses sensors to detect the outside temperature and is able to adjust the warmness of the jacket (ITU, 2005).· Gesture recognition – is used within new TVs and video game consoles, which can detect movement without any kind of remote control (Esfandyari, 2016). The new sensors can recognize very complex gestures (Esfandyari, 2016).· Car sensors – have become increasingly common in our cars. Since sensor technology is getting more and more accurate, cars will become the decision maker in when to brake, even if the driver’s food is still on the gas (Brauer, 2015).· Wearable technologies – use sensors as well. Google has developed smart contact lenses for diabetics (Kosir, 2015). The lenses use the tears in an individual’s eye to measure glucose levels (Kosir, 2015). For regular glasses wearers the lenses would be able to adjust to mimic the eye’s natural autofocusing (Kosir, 2015).With many of the aforementioned technologies, it will only be a question of when they will be connected to a smartphone or to the internet. There are several benefits they can provide. Gesture recognition could be used to operate machines and make processes easier. The tools which will use gesture recognition will be and are already connected to the internet to provide data to their developing companies helping to make future products better. Sensory technology in cars may educate drivers or take the wheel for them if needed. Self-driving cars are within the near future and they have to be connected to the internet, to receive updates on maps and driver safety. Technologies within healthcare can track an individual’s health and send reports to the primary physician.Since these sensors collect and analyze everything, including every move the user makes (Beaver, 2016) the data being collected is very sensitive and private, which makes it an attractive target for attackers (Beaver, 2016). The data will need to be secured at all times, which means during collection, transfer, analyzation, and later when at rest. Companies will have to provide extensive security; otherwise they are jeopardizing the customer’s private information (Beaver, 2016). On that note, the sensor devices will need strong security, if an attacker hacks into a car, the attacker may cause the car to crash which can threaten human life.As presented, sensor technologies have a lot of potential to make our lives’ better; however, there are several security and privacy concerns which come with these revolutionizing technologies.References:Beaver, K. (2016, March). The security risks of network sensors in the enterprise. Retrieved from Techtarget:, K. (2015, January 19). Top 10 Advanced Car Technologies by 2020. Retrieved from Forbes:, J. (2016, September 30). Harmonious User Experience with Leading Sensor Technology. Retrieved from Sensors Products: (2005, November). The Internet of Things. Retrieved from ITU Internet Reports 2005:, S. (2015, April 15). Wearables in Healthcare. Retrieved from Wearable Technologies:, K. (2013, December 12). What Is Technology – Meaning of Technology and Its Use. Retrieved from Techucation:
  • 2. The Internet of Things revolves around increased machine-to-machine communication; it’s built on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors; it’s mobile, virtual, and instantaneous connection; and they say it’s going to make everything in our lives from streetlights to seaports “smart”” (Burros, n.d.). There are many capabilities of IoT, and we will review Thinking things: SMART Technologies.SMART Technology, which stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology, is “capable of learning that is using experience to improve performance, anticipating, thinking and reasoning about what to do next, with the ability to self-generate and self-sustain” (IGI, n.d.). It allows machines to make decisions that will benefit the technology owner in some way. That could be notification of when laundry is dry, to notifying a driver that the road ahead is iced over.One of the key leaders in SMART Technology is Microsoft and their Windows-as-a-Service aims to make “Windows services platform neutral” (Entis, 2015). This will allow devices to communicate across Windows platform, even if it does not have Windows OS. This will allow for further growth in SMART Technology by allowing many devices to communicate and operate across many different devices, thus allowing for better integration.SMART Technology contributes to the Internet of Things by allowing for an outcome to be produced by IoT. IoT deals with machines being able to communicate with each other, but guidance is needed on that information for it to have value to the user. SMART Technology allows for this value to be put into the data that is produced from IoT.With IoT growing and many devices facilitating the capability of IoT it “gives hackers and cyber criminals more entry points” (Meola, 2016). Many of these technology will require sensors, and be able to monitor the person operating them for it to be successful in fully facilitating the need of the user. This can open many doors to people looking to target a person negatively or cause harm to systems or functions that are supporting that person. If a printer can be hacked and caught on fire, then there can be hacks that can be much more sophisticated that can further cause injury (direct or indirectly) to the user.Thank you for the read,MikeReferencesBurros, B. (n.d.). The Internet of Things Is Far Bigger Than Anyone Realized. Wired. Retrieved from, L. (2015). The 10 Most Influential Leaders in Tech Right Now. Entrepreneur. Retrieved from (n.d.). What is Smart Technology. IGI Global. Retrieved from, A. (2016). How the Internet of Things will affect security & privacy. Business Insider. Retrieved from