arguments- misdirection

This week, you learned that arguments are sometimes faulty because there is a breakdown in the reasoning. While this breakdown may occur because the person making the argument is not able to structure it in a logical manner, it may also occur on purpose. People may use misdirection to distract from the real issue and to draw attention away from the issue. Irrelevant material may be used to try to cause confusion.

Based on your personal experience, respond to the following:

Describe an experience when you encountered a fallacious (Links to an external site.) argument. Then, identify the fallacy.

The following prompts will help you:

Can you think of a situation when you encountered one of the fallacious arguments we discussed? Have you rejected advice based on “do as I say, not as I do,” and if so, what was the outcome?

Have you made a decision based on an argument in which someone used scare tactics? Was it a good decision?

Maybe you heard an argument where someone’s views were discounted because of motive or personal attack.