Miscellaneous American Gov Questions

(from unit 6 exam)

1. The Constitution includes the right to free speech and freedom of the press. In a minimum of three well-written paragraphs, respond to the following questions: a. What part of the Constitution provides these guarantees? b. Name and describe at least three restrictions or limitations on these guarantees. c. Discuss which of the restrictions you find most important or necessary.

unit 7 discussion questions

(I’m a democrat, please answer accordingly)

1. Which political party do you agree with most and why? Check out the Politics1 site, or other site about the different parties. Also, if you’re still unsure, there are many political quizzes available online that you can find by doing a simple search. Be sure to include a discussion of at least two issues that you agree with the party on and explain why those issues were important deciding factors in your choice of party. 25 Points

2. Why would someone argue that the Electoral College system should remain the same? What arguments could be used to support changing the system? Which side of this argument are you on? Be sure to fully explain your point of view. 25 Points

3. Why is voting an essential part of a democracy? Why are voter turnout numbers so low? Why do younger people tend to vote less often than older people? What do you think can be done to increase voter turnout, especially among younger voters? 25 Points