Cycladic sculpture, Art History Article and Questions help

I have to read the article on Cycladic sculpture, then answer the following questions. I need at least 125 words for each question below.

 Please provide enough detail for each question then I can add more detail from my Art history book as well.

1. Discuss the typical problems that art historians and archaeologists have had in attempting to pinpoint the functions of Cycladic sculpture. What have been the generally accepted theories?
2. Explain the relevance attributed to male Cycladic sculpture. How were they treated differently from the female artifacts by Cycladic sculptors?
3. What are the characteristics of the so-called “canonical” Cycladic sculpture? What does that label mean and what about the sculpture allows them to fall into that category?

If you have any questions please ask me, don’t worry about the font style or size. If you use any outside sources please cite them as well. 

Thank you!