Letter to Client assigment


Letter to Client

Prepare a letter for the attorney’s signature (Mr. Tom Jones).The letter is to go to one of the firm’s biggest clients, Ms. Beatrice Heart.Ms. Heart’s address is 1817 Sunset Way, San Diego, CA 92107.

Ms. Heart owns property with a large palm tree on the front of the property.The next door neighbor, Mr. Baker, was having construction work done on his yard.The contractor backed a skip loader into Ms. Heart’s palm tree damaging it.A tree surgeon examined the tree and said it would die within the next 2 to 3 months.A replacement tree will cost $11,000.Ms. Heart wants to sue Mr. Baker and the contractor for this sum.

This case is not worth the estimated attorney’s fees and court costs ($15,000) in light of the damage award she would get (less than $12,000).However, she is an excellent client, generating in excess of $100,000.00 a year in fees.Explain to her why this case should not be handled by your firm through a lawsuit in the civil courts and offer her the options of Small Claims or one form of ADR. Explain each process and how she can get started. Saying “brochures are attached” does not substitute for explanations of these processes.

Any standard business letter format is acceptable.Feel free to design your own letterhead if you wish.Remember to watch your spelling and grammar.I am looking for creativity, ability to communicate with the client tactfully and informatively, accuracy of information, and writing a professional letter. Ms. Heart is an excellent client who is used to having attorneys handle her matters. She may not be amenable to doing much on her own. It is your job to make sure she is comfortable with what Attorney Jones is suggesting; put yourself in her shoes and draft the letter accordingly.