data analysis report data visualization need to know sas analytics

Please have knowledge of SAS analytics.

This is the last part of a project I have been doing on Data Visualization and Data Analysis. I have visualizations done, but I could use someone more knowledgeable to either redo them or describe them in proper jargon. I will include my data prep/visualizations/and analysis plan once you accept the project.

The data set is: Statistical Analysis on factors influencing Life Expectancy (attached)…

The questions I chose for my report to be on:

1. Is there a relationship between life expectancy and education?

2. Does the status of the country greatly effect life expectancy?

3. Is there a relationship between deaths under the age of 5 and adult morbidity?

There is no page requirement. You do an into and overview of the project, including the questions. Where the data came from. A list of variables in the dataset, types and meanings. How the data was prepped. The data visualizations, which i will include. And then a discussion of the results.

Please look at what I have and then please fill in the blanks. This is not a long project. Its taking a data set and answering the 3 questions i asked, and saying how and why.

This report should use appropriate technical language and should be aimed at an audience of educated statisticians and data scientists (yes, you can use jargon terms here).