media and self esteem

Media and Self-Esteem

Search electronic and printed media to find an advertisement that may negatively impact adolescent self-esteem or body image (or both). Analyze the impact the advertisement may have on youth.

Complete the following for this post:

  • Post a link to the advertisement or attach a picture of it to your post.
  • Identify the message the image sends.
  • Examine the effect this advertisement may have on the way youth view themselves.
  • Review the Kilbourne “Resources for Change” document and create a plan of how you, as a human behavior professional, may be able to utilize one of the resources listed as you advocate for children and adolescents.
  • Provide validation and support for assertions by including relevant examples and supporting evidence.

Response Guidelines

Respond with a minimum of 250 words, not including restatement of questions or the reference section. Include adequate depth and scholarly understanding of concepts appropriate for this level of education. Go beyond summarizing concepts—utilize aspects of critical thinking and advanced application, including additional investigation and research.