Discussion about the middle ages

1.) Read the questions below and choose TWO to answer. Your answers should be thorough, meaning at least a full paragraph or more for each essay — answers that are shorter or without analysis will not receive full credit.

2.) Remember that your answer should be written in your own words, as your own opinion.

3.) The post is due by the time and date listed on the course syllabus. Please see the syllabus for the late work policy.

4.) These questions are primarily opinion based, which means you need to explain your point of view thoroughly, respectfully, and on topic (ie, this is not the place to veer off topic or go into a rant). “Wrong” answers that won’t receive credit are answers that are rude, off topic, too short, or without academic analysis. If you want to reply to a classmate, feel free, as long as you are respectful in your reply. This should simulate the usual rules for any class discussion. I will monitor the board and weigh in as students post, and will intervene if the conversation is going in a direction not conducive to learning.

Discussion Post Questions:

1.) During the early part of the Middle Ages, records show that there were more men than women. As a result, women were in demand as wives. The value of women and their status in society increased. Men actually paid high prices to the fathers of girls in order to marry them. But why do you think so many women were treated so poorly by the husbands that wanted to marry them?

2.) What do you think of King Arthur’s Round Table? Do you think something like that, which championed equality and justice, could have existed in the Middle Ages, when hierarchy and status were so important? Or is it likely just a myth, designed to make King Arthur seem kinder, wiser, and more egalitarian than his peers?

3.) And old adage warns never to discuss religion or politics with friends or company…. and some would add religion and science to that list too, of controversial topics. Do you think Thomas Aquinas was right that science and faith can co-exist? Or do you think we should always keep those separate?

4.) If you lived during the Middle Ages, and could only choose one of the following, what would you choose and why?:
Choice A: could read and write, but never traveled outside of your home town
Choice B: can’t read or write, but can travel far because you are a knight
Choice C: can’t read or write, but can play music with the troubadours
Choice D: Live as the king, but your literacy is minimal, so you always need someone to read for you and record your notes, ideas, and history.

5.) Dante felt very strongly that the worst sin a person could commit was treason — makes sense, right? He was betrayed by everyone who he loved and trusted. Do you agree that this crime should be at the bottom of hell, or is something else more deserving? Explain.