Ethical Dilemma week 1

You are the manager of a local toy store. The hottest Christmas toy of the year is the new “Peter Panda”
stuffed animal. The toy is in great demand and almost impossible to find. You have received your one and
only shipment of 12, and they are all promised to people who previously stopped in to place a deposit and
reserve one. A woman comes by the store and pleads with you, saying that her six-year-old daughter is in
the hospital very ill, and that “Peter Panda” is the one toy she has her heart set on. Would you sell her
one, knowing that you will have to break your promise and refund the deposit to one of the other
customers? (There is no way you will be able to get an extra toy in time.)

Your decision?

a. Would sell

b. Would not sell

c. Unsure

Rationale? _________________________________