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Employee benefits are not an entitlement they are a nicety, they are more motivation for employees to come to work each day and be productive. According to Martocchio (2017), “Because of the government-imposed wage freezes, companies invested in expanded discretionary benefits offerings as an alternative to pay hikes as a motivational tool.” Employers provide pay for an employees work and of course there are certain benefits that a company must legally offer. Obviously, any discretionary benefits are a bonus. Most people would more than likely choose to work for an employer that offers a nice benefits package. Employers that are able, or willing, to offer a discretionary benefits package want to attract good employees, but also want to keep those employees. Employers should invest in their employees and be able to keep them. Working for the federal government we were offered discretionary benefits. This is all part of employee management and it showed how they invest in their employees. Employees can become bitter and feel unappreciated if they only receive their paychecks. Employees want to leave work each day and feel appreciated and what they do matters, but also that the employer cares about them. Employees will have a better attitude and be more productive if they feel taken care of.


Martocchio, J. (2017). Strategic Compensation: A Human Resources Approach. (9th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Pearson.