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homework #2

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Chapter 10:

Land pollution is increasingly posing a serious problem, both in western countries and in the emerging economies one recent case was noticed in china. According to some sources, more than eight million acres of its farmland was too polluted, with heavy metals and other chemicals, to be used for growing food. This created a dilemma: how to maximize food without risking the use of land contaminated heavily by lead, cadmium pesticides, and other toxins. China has already witnessed many scandals regarding food poisoning and is now on full public alert

Chapter 14:

In their article, “How do Economists Really Think about the Environment,” Professor R.N. Stavins, Director of the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements, and Don Fullerton, of the National Bureau of Economic Research, discuss a series of myths about the relation between the environment and the economy, and how economists approach the issues of environmental protection.

Chapter 16:

Why is climate change considered to be a more complex problem to tackle than the Ozone layer depletion? Discuss, with examples, the factors to be considered while explaining the complexity.