ENG 215: Weeks’ 4-6 Persuasive Essay

Writing Activity 2 has four sections to complete. You will use the writing templates in your Webtext to complete them. Once you complete all templates, you will be able to download your work and submit it to Blackboard. The Webtext will guide you through the process.

Same as last assignment. I already did some portions of the week 5 webtext. But all else is the same. I believe you may have done most of the work already with writing assignment 1.

Section 1: Outline

Create an outline. The outline is the plan for what to include in your essay. See your Chapter 4 Webtext for information on how to create a great outline.

Section 2: Working Thesis Statement

This is a one-sentence statement summarizing the main idea of your essay. It should tell your reader what your topic is, what your position is on the topic, and how you will support it. Use the template in Chapter 4 of your Webtext to write your working thesis statement.

Section 3: Starting Draft

Use the Webtext writing templates to set up your essay and write a draft of your introduction (including thesis statement) and the first body paragraph using appropriate evidence. Chapter 5 of your Webtext will provide you with guidance.

Section 4: Feedback Reflection

Use the writing templates in Chapter 5 of the Webtext to:

  1. List the feedback you received on previous writing activities.
  2. Explain how you used feedback from previous writing activities to improve you written communication for this assignment.
  3. Discuss how the feedback received will help you with future writing.

Step 2: Download and Edit Your Work

Download: Select Your Topic

Complete all of the activities and templates in your Webtext. Then download your Writing Activity 2: Outline, Working Thesis Statement, & Starting Draft templates from the Webtext. (*** You will need to finish all writing templates before you are able to download the packet.)