essay with outline and discussion

Essay 4 Final Draft: Gender Politics in Gidget

Page Requirements

2-3 pages

Point Value


Required Texts Needed To Write This Paper

  1. Watch the 1959 film Gidget starring Sandra Dee. (You can acquire the film yourself or watch my copy available for viewing at the Library with GCC student id; students must watch the film at the Library and are not allowed to take the DVD home. Bring your own earbuds.)
  2. See Chapter 6 (“The Surf Boom”) of The World in the Curl by Westwick and Neushul.

In your introductory paragraph: (Should only be one paragraph long and no longer than half a page.)

Summarize the plot of the film Gidget. Also describe the impact the film and novel had on the surf boom of the early 1960’s at the time it came out.

In your thesis answer the following question:

Discuss one way Gidget empowers herself and one way she disempowers herself as she struggles to fit in with the 1950s Malibu surfer crew by learning to surf herself in the iconic film Gidget.

In your body paragraphs, make sure to

  • Support your discussion of the film Gidget by describing and analyzing specific scenes from the film.
  • Make sure to follow up all quotations and film scene analysis with a 4-5 sentence explanation of how they support your topic sentence claim.


1) Thesis formation: The thesis should subdivide into the same number of points as your total number of body paragraphs. If you have two body paragraphs, your thesis would subdivide into two points. Thesis needs to be the last sentence of your introduction. The thesis should fully answer the essay question. It should also be specific, concise, and arguable.

2) Body Paragraph Organization and Unity: Each body paragraph should discussion one idea that supports the thesis; in other words, body paragraphs should not repeat ideas from previous paragraphs and should not contain more than one main idea.

3) Topic Sentences: Each body paragraph must begin with a topic sentence that tells the reader which thesis idea that paragraph will be about.

4) Concluding Sentences: Each body paragraph should end with a concluding sentence that restates topic sentence main ideas and adds supportive reasoning. The goal is to summarize the main examples you covered in that body paragraph.

5) Quotations: You will need to support any assertions you make with a discussion of quotations from the texts assigned. All quotations should have an introductory phrase and should use the following MLA format: Westwick and Neushul write, “XX” (24).

6) Quotation Analysis: All quotations should be followed by 4-5 or more sentences that provide a detailed explanation of how the quotation supports your body paragraph’s main idea.

7) Title: Divided into two parts separated by a colon. Centered. Double-spaced like your heading and the rest of your paper. Capitalize all key words. Should be a fragment. Not underlined or in boldface. No period at the end of the title. Your title should not just copy the title of this essay prompt or the title of the readings. Example:

Surfing Topic: Your Two Thesis Ideas

8) Conclusion: A place for you to summarize your thesis and add any last reflections on your topic. Should be no longer than half of a page.

9) Essay formatting: Use MLA format. For help, see Purdue University OWL website and click on the MLA section.

10) Number of Paragraphs: In order to pass, your essay must have an introduction that ends in a thesis statement, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion.