SOC 499 Sociology Senior Project


1. Keep slides simple. For example, just put the research question on a slide, then explain the details orally.

2. The flip side of that is: You can read what the slide says to everyone, but make sure you go into more detail.

3. Suggestion: Make a separate slide for each of the following:

  • From chapter one, a slide for each of the following: Research question, hypothesis with independent variable being tested, and social problem.
  • From chapter two, a slide for each theory you will apply (Explain to the class the definition of the theory and how it applies to the problem.)
  • From chapter three: NOTHING
  • From chapter four: Was your hypothesis proved, disproved or partially proved? (Orally explain why you go that outcome/the research that supported it.)
  • Chapter five, a slide or two for conclusions, discussion, recommendations. Suggestion: List these in a few words each in bullet points so these slide(s) don’t get loaded with tiny text, then briefly orally explain each.