ethics 002

i need domeone answer the Qs

1.a.) Discuss one ethical issue – either drug legalization, the death penalty, abortion or euthanasia – providing detailed arguments for and against the disputed action or policy. b.) Take a stand, explaining why you think your view is the correct one.

2.Give a summary of Aristotle’s virtue theory. Discuss and/or define:


b.)Habit (ethos)

c.)Practical wisdom (phronesis)

d.)Virtue as the Golden Mean (or mean between extremes)

3.a.) Define and describe the truly courageous person as understood by Aristotle. b.) Compare him to 2 sorts of soldiers who fall short of this virtue. (Canvas doc Aristotle Day 2)

4.Explain Aristotle’s view concerning contemplation and leisure. (Canvas doc Aristotle Day 2)

5.Describe the three kinds of friendship that Aristotle discusses in Nichomachean Ethics VIII.2. (Canvas doc Aristotle Day 3)

6.Give 3 insights from “The Stoic Catechism” reading. Discuss why you agree or disagree with Epictetes’ or Seneca’s advice. (Canvas doc The Stoic Catechism)