feedback report about event on-site execution plan (EVENT MANAGEMENT)



International Medical Tourism Exhibition Conference – Oman 2018

personal experience : we helped distribute the tourists who came to visit the event. worked at the reception to guide and give information to tourists and people about the place. we had booths for every different hospital. we decorated booths of some hospitals and others choose to design their booths them selves. we also helped them by providing them with posters, chairs, screens and tables.

General instructions:

you are required to prepare a reflective report that accurately reflects your experience understanding the event you have participated in. The steps should be followed in sequence.

Your report should include you evaluation on:

1- Even planning

2- Event operation

3- event execution

The reflective report should cover the following questions

1-What aspects were you involved in?

2-explain what you observed and the implication

3-what is the importance of those aspects to the success of the event?

4- what worked well and what needs to be improved


1- for the format use arial or caliber size 12 and 1.5 spacing. HARVARD REFERENCING must be used. USE ACCURATE REFERENCING AND NO PLAGIARISM.

2- You are required to use textbooks, journals and electronic resources as reference.

3- students are expected to undertake research from various sources including personal experience, websites and observation.

4- the report should have a maximum of 1,500 words excluding title page and references