Introduction to Food Science class

Homework 1

Instructions: Assignment may be completed individually or with a partner. Answers should not be longer than one paragraph and must be written in your own words, based on information obtained in lecture. Instances of plagiarism will result in a zero on this assignment and may be reported to the Academic Integrity Council.

1.What carbohydrate is associated with chocolate? Describe its molecules structure. Additionally, what is the roll of fat in chocolate and what can go wrong upon improper cooling? (1 pt)

  • You purchase ice cream from the grocery store and it is gritty and not creamy. Describe what happened during manufacturing and/or storage of this ice cream. (1 pt).

3.What would you recommend to a new vegetarian who is concerned about eating the right proteins? (1 pt).

4.Explain the differences in cooking macaroni and cheese in the mountains vs. at the beach (1 pt).

5.Describe the function of eggs as an emulsifier and as a foam and give food examples of both (1pt).

Homework 2

1.You work on the HACCP team for a freeze-dried strawberry manufacturer. Name one physical, chemical, and biological hazard and ways to prevent each. (1pt)

2.What are common concerns associated with food fraud and seafood? (1pt).

3.Explain the similarities and differences of beer and wine fermentation (1pt).

4.Name one food where Lactic Acid Bacteria use is beneficial and one food where Lactic Acid Bacteria production is considered negative (1pt).

5.Compare and contrast 2 different pathogens including onset, symptoms, duration, foods effected, and prevention (1pt).

Please provide a file for each homework