findings, analysis, discussion based on the data research that correlates and is relevant with the literature review –

The impact of Customer Relationship Management on Customer Retention

the findings chapter should

—Present the collected data in suitable form
All the resources (figures, tables, charts, etc.) should be mentioned in the main text —Make sure the presented findings are relevant to your objectives; not supportive. If they are relevant, they should be included in the report

the analysis chapter:

—In principal, each finding (collected piece of data) should be analysed in a way to assist you formulating conclusions about the objectives and, ultimately, about the aim of the study —If you choose to exclude some parts, make sure you explain the reasons (most likely in the methodology chapter) •New here means something that is not obvious from the collected data BUT is, always, relevant to the objectives

  • For example, you collected data about the gender and the income of the respondents. New approach would mean to work out the income per gender (but it has to be relevant to the objectives)
  • and most importantly the discussion chapter:

    —This is the “So What?” chapter •about the objectives? —Review the findings as informed by the analysis in the context of the literature and the existing knowledge on the subject —Make sure the literature and findings chapters align with the discussion —This is not a weakness or reason to apologise; this is real-life research and you (as the researcher) made some choices (as presented in the methodology chapter) and you evaluate the outcomes with any strong points or shortcomings

    (the above 3000 words)

    conclusion (200 words)

    recommendation (200 words)