food diary two options provided pick one

Option 1: Food Diary~Directions: Read first before going to the link below

STEP ONE: Click the following: website maintained by the American Heart Association Your assignment is to keep a food diary/list for two days, then answer the questions below, and finally write a minimum 200 word paragraph to summarize your experience. Read below.


1) You will find the Food Diary pdf in two places. Available at the top of this section OR after clicking on the blue sentence/link above,

2) Scroll down to and click the “download the food diary now” link.

3) Print out and write on this PDF form to list ALL of your daily food choices for any 2 days of your choice.

STEP TWO: 4) Calculate your caloric intake and add in the food diary. Use the information in your Text Fitness & Health on pages 295-300 to help.

STEP THREE: 5) On this same American Heart Assn. webpage, scroll down to read “At the end of the day review your food list/diary and ask these questions”.

Choose one or both groups of questions, AND INCLCUDE YOUR ANSWERS IN YOUR minimum 200 WORD paragraph:

  • To control Hunger: Did I ?…..
  • OR…
  • To Reduce Calories: Did I?….
  • 6) Using the Submit Activity #6 link in Blackboard, submit a Word Document that contains a paragraph of 200 words or more.
  • In this paragraph answer your chosen questions and elaborate on what you learned about your eating patterns, food choices. Feel free to include:
  • Any surprises?
  • Possible ways you might alter your diet?
  • Or, any other observations or impressions?

4) Due Mon. April 27th, 2020.

OPTION 2: Write a meal plan for a friend, family member or fictional person.

Choose this option especially if you feel uncomfortable with Option 1, such as having personal challenges with food or an eating disorder.


Your friend with a BMI (body mass index) of 22 (normal BMI) asks you for advice on how to eat healthy and examples of foods they should eat. Based on what you have learned in the Textbook, Powerpoint and Lecture, please come up with a 2 day meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages that your friend could follow.

Choose the gender, age and physical activity level and write it at the top of your page.

After, write a minimum 200 word paragraph about your struggles and successes in writing a meal plan. Include the two meal plans if you wish