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Why is it important for everyone in business organizations to have a basic understanding of the systems development process? Would your response change if the organization is licensing a system rather than developing their own from scratch?

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The development of an informational system is a collaborative effort that involves everyone from the end users who will utilize the system to the programmers, analysts and technical specialists who build it and the leaders who will make the decisions related to required features, budgeting, and other important topics (Rainer & Prince, 2018). It is because of this that it is important for personnel at all levels to have an understanding of the development process. There are a number of advantages to following a process for systems development, most notably are the establishment of standards that ensure quality and a structure that helps to ensure that important steps aren’t overlooked (Rainer & Prince, 2018). A lack of understanding of the process by those involved hinders the efficiency of development and the ability to align the build with the desired objectives. The end users who are unaware of the fact that they are part of the process may not be inclined to provide some of the valuable input necessary in the investigation and analysis stages, or may not provide the input when it is needed. And considering that the systems being developed will likely be used across different groups within the organization, requiring integration of different databases and processes, an understanding of the steps to develop the system by all the participants becomes crucial to streamlining the process so as to avoid costly delays brought about by lack of communication.

The necessity and benefits of everyone understanding the process does not change should the decision be made to obtain a license to use open-source software rather than develop it in house. There are advantages and disadvantages to be weighed, but the process of developing the system that addresses the defined needs is fundamentally the same.

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All users in a business should understand the systems development process. This knowledge should be transferred to all users in an organization. As mentioned in (Rainer & Prince, 2018), A set of long-range goals that describe the IT infrastructure and major IT initiatives needed to achieve the goals of the organization. Having all the users in the organization utilize the implemented system will help the organization understand how well it is being applied. The organization will be able to see if the system is delivering results. It is important to also know how well users can utilize the system.

In a previous position of mine, I was able to see how there is an implementation of a new system. I was working as a sales representative at a cell phone retail store. The organization saw an opportunity and invested licensing Salesforce. I was able to take the training and understand how the system worked. It was useful to document potential sales and keep record of different customers.

Information system that works well for the organization is a noticeably big investment. I would see how creating one from scratch would seem like a good idea. When you create a system from scratch, you can customize it based on your business needs. I do not agree with using that option because information systems are constantly evolving. If there is a system already out in the market it would be faster to license, then building it from scratch.

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Having the systems you need to work effectively and efficiently would be at the top of the list of reason why having an understanding of the system development is important.

A couple of years ago job introduced an automation tool to help us build ledgers that typically take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days to do manually. The tech & agile team consistently requested input about the manual steps we did and gave us opportunities to give feedback as the tool was being built. These meetings included people from multiple levels of the organization as this was a big undertaking, with lots of benefits to our auditing department. Not having input and awareness could negatively affect day to day operations and ability to be productive in a variety of areas.

Lastly, as an employee or a direct manager being more informed on process makes you valuable. Cost that companies incur to add or create can be expensive and adversely affect other areas of their budget. So, already having an employee familiar and knowledgeable about the system or process is helpful in reducing staffing expenses and other areas.