Health Policy – Public Health

General formatting requirements: All assignments should be done in 12-point font, double spaced. If referencing material outside of the course, use an accepted referencing format (e.g., APA or MLA style). All material from outside the course must be appropriately referenced or it will be considered plagiarism.

Assignment 5 (Weeks 10-11):

In the last assignment (assignment attached), you have identified a public health problem and prepared a list of program or policy alternatives to alleviate it. You have also chosen some criteria and assigned a weight to each criterion. In this assignment, (1) project the corresponding outcome for each program or policy alternative and use evidence to evaluate each alternative according to the chosen criteria. (2) Given the assigned weighting, determine which alternative would be the best program or policy that you would recommend. Use a matrix table to demonstrate your decision process.

(You need to include a matrix of policy options and criteria as described in the Bardach text. A demonstrative example of the matrix table is provided as below. You also need to elaborate how you project the outcomes of each criterion and what recommendation you would make based on your matrix table. This should be no more than two pages in length.)



Political feasibility




Health equity


Option 1: x



10% reduction in disease incidence


Option 2: y



%5 reduction in disease incidence


Option 3: z



8% reduction in disease incidence

No change