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CHAPTER 12 Assignments/Activities

ATTENTION: Answer the following questions for
assignments listed in a Word document and submit them through the
assignment Drop Box.

10 Points. A. 1-2 (5),  C. 1-2 (5)

: 20 Points. B(5)., C.3(15).

  1. Chaffey
    Libraray eRes..
    A Second Peep At Factory Life in LowellOffering and A Week In The Mill Lowell Offering V. Read
    these two accounts written by mill workers in their own publication:
    1. Summarize
      some of the tedious, unhealthy aspects of working  conditions at Lowell.
    2. In
      contrast, what are some of the benefits these young women derive from
      their work experience?
  1. Review Map 12-2, p 311 and figure  12-1, p 315.  Also, read carefully, pp 310-315 ‘Cities
    and Immigrants’.  In a
    well-developed paragraph, discuss the correlation between the growth and
    development of American cities and the increase in immigration at this
  1. Web Destination: www.thoreau.eserver.org/thoreau.html. Click on Civil Disobedience and then Scroll
    down to  Henry Thoreau and Civil Disobedience by Wendy McElroy.  Briefly answer A.1.2.

  1,  Why does the author maintain Thoreau is one
of the most influential

  American political
writers of all time?

paragraph (2) the author explains why Thoreau refused to pay his taxes.  Explain. 

 Paragraphs 28-40 give an excellent overview of
Thoreau’s idea of civil disobedience.  The author says “…the key to Thoreau’s
political philosophy is that the individual is the final judge of right and
wrong.”(31)  In 2-3 paragraphs explain
how this reflects the essence of Thoreau’s idea of an individual’s
responsibility in society and relationship to the authority of  the state.