how should austin handle its homeless population

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It is very saddening and common to see many homeless people camping out on the streets asking for money. Throughout the years there have been many objections by people saying that the homeless are ruining Austin’s image. This led to the creation of many unjust laws that were eventually ignored by police officers. I just think it is inhumane to give homeless people a ticket and expect them to pay it when they don’t even have enough money to feed themselves. I do not believe they are homeless by choice. People need to understand that something bad must have happened to them which led them to end up on the streets. Why not help them instead? Many people disagreed with the old laws forcing the state to impose new ones which I think are fair. Since sidewalks are public property, officers can’t give them tickets unless they are blocking it. Basically, if the homeless person is not posing a threat or harassing people passing by then they are to be legally left alone. I think the city of Austin should have programs to help homeless people get back on their feet and help integrate them back into society. They could start off by paying them to pick up trash and keep parks and sidewalks clean. Not only will this help them but it will benefit the environment as well. Another suggestion would be to hire them at parking garages. Sure, parking machines save the city money but they should see it as investing in Austin’s future. These programs could help the homeless learn the value of work and motivate them to build a better and stable future.

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Austin has a substantial homeless population. Austin recently revised its rules against panhandling, camping and sitting or lying down in public. Many disagree with these changes. A bit of background reading is available at How should Austin handle its homeless population?

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