powerpoint for my political identity class

This is a PowerPoint for my political identity class. The instructions are below:

Grading for presentations: (10 points total)

Meeting the time limit of 10 minutes (1 point)

Incorporating each of the following sections: Research question, the most important parts of your lit review (this really needs to be summarized), your hypothesis or goals, your research method and your conclusions. (3 points)

Comprehensibility for the audience. How well is the material communicated in a way that anyone in the audience can understand? (3 points)

– For example, don’t casually mention theories without explaining what they mean. Don’t use fancy research terms without explaining them. Don’t skip logical steps in the progression of the research.

Professionalism in the power point visualization and presentation quality. (3 points)

– Don’t use emojis, slang, cutesy language, insane power-point designs etc.

– Don’t read every word directly off the slide. The slides are aids to give you and the audience simple cues to where you are in the presentation.

– Speak eloquently and articulately

– Imagine that you’re presenting to a panel of academics. If that doesn’t do it for you, imagine you’re presenting at a company you work for.