How to read a book by Adler and miscellaneous

1) Using How to Read a book (by Adler) identify the Five (5) steps to syntopical readings (see links below). Which of these steps do you think is most important AND why? Give full details. Minimum 300 word response. [see 4. syntopical reading] [see page 211]

2) The Origin of Species by Charle Darwin is the book chosen for a research paper this semester. Suppose you chose this book on your own. Why did you (or would you) choose this text? Give full details. Minimum 300 word response.

3) There are a number of important world conferences coming up. The Migration and diasporas second global conference (see link below) is coming up in December 2018 for example. Pretend that you have been invited to attend. Fully describe the conference, why its important, and why you would want to attend. Give full details. Minimum 300 word response.

Directions: Each of the THREE questions listed above must have a minimum response of AT LEAST 300 words (each). Again, each question must have at least a 300 word response. Correct grammar and spellcheck must be used. Citations must be used (using APA formatting) and a separate works cited page must be included. Please follow ALL directions.