Outline: digital branding plan

Select an industry (i.e. fashion retailer, travel & hospitality, automotive, health and wellness,
etc…) to develop a comprehensive digital branding plan for a fictitious business you will
need to create. It may be a product or service, business to consumer or business to
business. Ideally, the company should have e-commerce as its primary source of revenue,
but it may also have a retail location too.

One of your best resources you can use is what would be a real (current business)
competitor of your new fictitious business. For example, if I chose the fashion industry and
created an athletic apparel brand, I could use Lululemon or RYU as my competitor
research and digital branding benchmark.

The goal of this project is for you to go through the process of creating a digital branding
marketing plan;

I want you to choose a company and do the same example at the end

Q) What is your choice of Industry and fictitious company to do your project on?

I thought I would offer you a couple of ideas to get you started on your project.

Start by brainstorming a few things about your ‘brand’ and ‘business.

See below for an example I put together. Ask yourself the same questions and try and write out the answers in a clear and concise way.

Once you have completed that, start by writing out your company introduction, target audience, brand positioning statement, and value proposition statement.

This will help you chip away at your project yet provide the foundation for the rest of it while we start to dive into the digital toolkit.


Who Are You?

  • Dilawri Group of Companies
  • Automotive retailer
  • Automotive Service and Parts provider
  • Canada’s Largest Automotive Group
  • We represent 13 brands and 18 Dealerships in the BC Region
  • 64 Dealerships and 30 brands across Canada

What Do You Do?

  • We sell luxury vehicles
  • We sell mid-class vehicles
  • We service vehicles
  • Sell Parts
  • Contribute to the community through sponsorships and events
  • Give back to the community and charity organizations through donations

Who is Your Target Market?

  • People who are looking to purchase, lease or finance a new or pre-owned vehicle
  • Male/female demographic within the Greater Vancouver area
  • Ages 25-55
  • Families with children
  • Luxury automotive shoppers
  • Affluent demographic active in their community
  • English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Tagolog speaking persons and more!
  • Commuters

How Are You Different?

  • We focus on providing a high level of customer service to promote advocacy and customer retention
  • We offer top trade-in value for vehicles because we represent a wide range of brands
  • We strive to offer an optimal digital experience to our shoppers
  • We encourage our customers to shop at any of locations to suit their vehicle needs

  • What is Your Promise?
  • Dilawri is genuinely aligned with our customers. As a representative of many different brands, Dilawri’s position is truly impartial and unbiased. The only ‘agenda’ we have is you (a happy customer).