Informative presentation

In the informative presentation, the student uses speaking skills which communicate factual information; the presenter is not persuading or making any claims. Students may inform the audience on a person, place, thing, event, etc…The general purpose of this presentation is to inform the audience. You must use all proper conventions of public speaking, including formal and speaking outlines, proper verbal and nonverbal techniques, and all elements of introductions, main points and conclusions. The presentation is 2 -3 minutes. In the face to face classroom course, students submit the formal outline, presentation slides (if applicable), to Canvas for grading and university assessment with the DOL Oral Communication Grading Rubric.

For online course students, simply submit a short video (upload to ARC) along with your speaking outline.

The Speaking Outline.pdf

I would recommend that you do it on your research topic or something related to the course, if possible. Then you could show us something really cool that you found!