Introduction International Student Saudi Arabia

To begin Activity 1, click on the Activity 1: Introductions link. Click Create Thread. As the subject, enter your first and last name.

Use the message box to address several of the topics identified below. You don’t need to address every issue, but you should plan to write at least a few paragraphs. This will be your first detailed post. After you’ve written what you’d like to share, click “post.” If you’d like to revise your post after you’ve made it public, feel free to do so. Keep in mind that your grade in this class will reflect the detail and the thoughtfulness of your discussion posts. Before post, please review the Syllabus for the length criterion for a detailed post.

Topics to choose from for this detailed post:

What is your major?
Where are you from?
What do you see yourself doing in the near and distant future?
Why are you taking this class?
How do YOU define creativity?
How are YOU creative in your own life?
How would you like to be more creative?
How has your creativity evolved in your life?
What role does creativity play in mankind’s presence and evolution?
What brings your life a sense of purpose?
What brings you joy?
Ask the class a question.

After you’ve posted your introduction, start reading the introductions posted by others in the class. Post a reply to at least one post by other class members. As class members reply to your post, feel free to reply to their replies. Your replies to others’ introductory posts will not likely be nearly as long as your introduction was. The goal here is to start generating online conversations.