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Your group presentation must be accompanied a week after presentation with an individually written 1800 to 2400 words essay on the topic you are allocated and specified above. While writing your essay, you should incorporate relevant theories and concepts to justify your arguments. To begin with, it is recommended your group undertake a scoping exercise to narrow the broad topic you have been allocated, and identify your focus which would form the gist of the group presentation (Assignment 2). After the scoping exercise, individually develop a structure for the written essay (broad outlines provided for each group as guideline above). Students should not try to cover everything, but rather refine the topic selection and justify the scope. Once this has been done, students should develop the theoretical basis for their argument, apply it to a specific example, and analyse it drawing out business implications. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate your ability to apply a theoretical understanding to practical contexts, and identify relevant issues for organisations operating in the global business environment. Whilst writing the essay, use current examples to illustrate your arguments.
Remember to acknowledge your sources throughout the paper using the Harvard referencing system. The report is to be typed and 1.5 spaced (a standard 12 point font should be used). It should be checked for spelling, consistency and clarity of expression.