Karen Sutherland is my mom, I want to be like her…

Karen puckett is the source of my enlightenment. She was born September 7, 1964 in Harbour city, California. She is the youngest of four kids. 2 sisters and 1 brother. Grandma Florence also lived with them .
They moved to thousand oaks when she was two.
In her early years, my mother had some hard times. When she was 10 her mom and dad got a divorce. She stayed with her mom and grandma. When she was 12 was 12; mo got married again. Chuck was took some getting used to, but they got to be pretty good friends.
In 1986 Karen married her high school sweetheart. Don Sutherland is my father. I was born 4 years later. The family got bigger by one. ME. We have a very close family. But my mom is my favorite.
We lived in a condo in Simi for 8 years. Then they bought the house we still live in.
But now its only my mom and me. Dad got cancer at 44 years old. Mom did her best
Karen started working when she was 15 at a fast food place. She went to work with her mom, and work her way up to purchasing manager. From the bottom up.
But when dad got sick, taking care of him… mom got more from life.
Now she takes care of people who need help.
She started at the bottom, worked to the top. Ran her own business. And washed her hands of all that to help people that need it.
Karen Sutherland is my mom, I want to be like her.