Learning through Play


A learning environment is often used to provide new knowledge and skills for young students. Learning through play, one type of instruction provided to young learners, fosters an environment that supports social development, positive interactions, and social awareness conducive to the development of young children. Integrating play opportunities for learning provides young children exposure to interact socially with their peers and enhance emotional development.

In “The Bakery – Supporting Children to Succeed in the Dramatic Play Center,” a kitchen area is turned into a bakery and used to foster a social environment for early learners. Allowing young children to learn through their personal experiences and engage in learning prompts problem-solving that benefits all learners.

For this assignment, you will design a sociodramatic play center (i.e., doctor office, airport, grocery store) that can be implemented into a grade PreK-3 learning environment.

Include the following in your submission:

  1. A digital or scanned diagram of your center with labels. (Include examples such as photographs and digital representations when applicable.)
  2. A 500-750 word description of the sociodramatic play center explaining:
  • How the play center fosters social interaction between peers and enhances learning outcomes in the classroom.
  • How learning through play supports differentiation to foster the development of social skills for all students.
  • The role a teacher plays in supporting learning through play.

Support your design and essay with 2-3 scholarly resources.