Develop an infographic of A Research Topic, writing homework help

Develop an infographic for the research topic “

Businesses that are product oriented tend to be more successful than those who are market oriented”

I will be able to answer any questions you may have and can provide examples of infographics.

Infographic Portfolio

Sources: 8 minimum: at least 6 scholarly sources and 2 or more of any reputable publication, all documented in MLA

-The purpose is to develop a visual representation of the various points of view inherent in your chosen research question.

in this infographic, you will present both the scholarly conversation and forms a visual argument using an infographic

-In a sense, you will tell a story about your research topic using a variety of modes, including—but not limited to—words, image, color, and number.

-The audience for the infographic is non-specific; therefore, this assignment requires you to compile data related to your research project and then to present that data to a general audience.

Infographic can be hand drawn or completed using digital image editing software

-Infographic will represent multiple perspectives and significant data on your research. This infographic should portray a visual summary of your sources, so you might consider pinpointing a particular research question and creating your infographic as a response to that question.

For example, if you used a pie chart in your infographic to visualize data from a source, you should explain how and why you made that decision and how it supports the purpose of your infographic overall. Or, if you were writing about religion and political parties, you might choose to incorporate a donkey and an elephant, along with various religious symbols in your infographic. If so, you would need to explain why you chose those symbols and what they represent in terms of your argument.

-The Works Cited page should include all of the sources you drew from to create your Infographic and be formatted correctly according to MLA Style.