Mr. mwalimumusah, I need your help on my business school application statements

Hi, my name is John and I was working on my graduate school application with you eariler this year, but unfortunately I did not receive an offer. So I would like to retry now, and I still want your help Mr. mwalimumusah.

I am applying to 6 school’s Master of Science in Business Analytics program this year, I filled in as many as I could in the first school’s topics, I need your help on revise it and help me generate the rest 5 school’s essay.

I don’t mind if you copy and paste some words within these essays since they will turn in to different schools.

please let me know If you think you need more information from me to work on, I will be happy to write more and extend the time. These personal statement are very important to me since I really want to go to the graduate school next year. I will tip you a lot if you can deliver very good work, and I trust you will deliver great work to me.