replace the underlined words and phrases with academic vocabulary.

In the following paragraph, replace the underlined words and phrases with academic vocabulary. There may be more than one way to correct some of the informal language.

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Many people say that birds are the most interesting and diverse of all animals because of their many shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. If we look at their prevalence in modern culture, penguins may be considered the most interesting of all birds. Penguins have been the subject of lots of books, movies, cartoons, and songs. A big cause of this is their very formal look, with their black “tuxedo jacket” and “white shirt.” Another intriguing thing about penguins is their habitat. While most birds make their home in warm spots, the penguin is one of the few birds that lives in colder regions. There are many types of penguins in sub-Antarctic regions of the world, like Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and South Africa. Although a penguin is incapable of flight, he migrates just as other bird species do, but he does this on foot for as many as 60 miles. This is an arduous trek, but in the end most penguins are gonna reach their breeding grounds. Although penguins do not fly, they have wings that are an awesome tool for swimming. Even for people who don’t like birds, penguins are a popular animal. A few big factors in their popularity may be the penguins’ human-like appearance, monogamous relationships, and the tremendous struggles that they go thru each year to bring their babies into the world.