nusf09 read the links and answer the following questions

Topic 1

The Gatorade Sports Science Institute publishes reports (not actual research articles) regarding research focused on nutrition and athletic outcomes.

I am not thrilled about the biased nature of this research but I want you to critically evaluate the studies in this section. Your assignment is to go to their website and find an article related to nutrition and athletic performance (Links to an external site.)

Search Sports Science Exchange for possible topics or select the Sports Nutrition option and pick a topic.

Report back to the class what you learned from your article including:

  1. What was being researched, how was the study designed, how many people participated in the study and what were the results of the study?
  2. You might also want to comment on limitations to the study and other thoughts you might have about what you read.
  3. Some of the reports will look at multiple studies and you can comment on that, as well.
  4. Make sure that you compare what you read in the report to what you have read in class or at another website.
  5. Lastly, comment on how this information might cause you to change the way that you are eating or what you might recommend to your friends who are athletes.

Topic 2

Interval or High Intensity training is being used to improve sports performance, improve body composition and maximize weight loss and fitness. Read the link below and then answer the following questions. (Links to an external site.)

1. 1. What is hormonal weight loss? What hormones are involved?

2 2. Compare and contrast high intensity exercise interval training with the traditional low intensity exercise recommendations.

3. What is EPOC? How does it affect the “Calorie burn”?

4. Do you have any experience with this type of exercise? Do you think you would recommend it for someone who is trying to lose weight?