Organizational Perpective Discussion

Read McShane, S. L. and Von Glinow, M. A. (2018).Organizational behavior: Emerging knowledge. Global reality(8thed.).New York: McGraw-Hill Education.

answer discussing question

After reading your assigned readings, answer the following question via a post on the discussion board.

  • Question 1: In Chapter One, McShane and Von Glinow discussed several perspectives of organizational effectiveness. Based on your experience, which perspective resonates most with you. Explain and provide an example.

The post should a) answer the question posed by the instructor and b) critically analyze, to the best of your ability, the implications of the subject matter at hand. I expect that these posts will be 2-3 paragraphs in length and be written in a relatively formal academic style. Please ensure that you utilize APA to cite your references to the text.

For example: According to McShane and Von Glinow (2018)…

APA does not require pages numbers unless you use direct quotations. For example: McShane and Von Glinow stated that “diversity also poses challenges in the workplace” (2018, p. 13).

You do not need to create a bibliography at the end of the post, but you are graded on citing sources within the post.