Paper 3: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – Part 1

Paper 3: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – Part 1


After a town hall meeting with your hospital’s entire staff, you, the CEO, are now aware of the many concerns held by the majority of your staff, regarding HIPAA. As you have come to understand, the big concerns are that nurses and nursing assistants will openly discuss patients’ private health information in the hallways, in the public cafeteria, at the nurses’ station (loudly), and even in the parking lot. Some will even talk to one patient about another patient’s medical history. You know that you need to fix this concern quickly, as HIPAA violations have tremendous implications.

In a professional voice, write a memo to send out to all employees. Your memo should provide a brief (1-3 paragraphs) overview of HIPAA, detail the protections that patients get from HIPAA, and the importance of upholding HIPAA regulations. You also must suggest any interventions, policies, penalties, etc. that people should be reminded of.

Any and all information taken from a source (direct quote, paraphrasing, or even an idea) must be cited properly in APA citation style

Papers are essential to the course for the demonstration of student knowledge regarding an integral topic of each unit. Papers must be written in 12-point, traditional font (e.g., Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, etc.), double-spaced, and a minimum of four pages. Every paper should include original, critical thoughts from the student, which should be supported by source material (this may include the textbook but must go beyond just the textbook). All borrowed material (direct quotes, paraphrasing, and even ideas) must be cited, in text and in reference, in APA format. Failure to properly site results in plagiarism, which can result in a grade of 0, for the assignment, and referral of your case to the Academic Integrity and Appeals Committee. All papers will be graded using Turnitin and the HCM written assignments rubric, which is posted to the Moodle shell.