Please choose one essay from Section 1 and one essay from Section 2. When finished,… 1 answer below »

Please choose one essay from Section 1 and one essay from Section 2. When finished, upload your paper in a single file onto Blackboard. Upload in one of these formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf.
Requirements: This exam is designed for you to demonstrate what you learned in the class. The wider range of knowledge that you demonstrate, the higher your grade. Section 1 is based on chapters 19-30 of the textbook. Section 2 is based on chapters 12-30. Each essay must be at least 500 words so the total length must be at least 1000 words. This excludes name, titles, etc. It only counts the body of your essays. In each essay, you must use at least three of the “Key Terms” that are bolded in each chapter. You can choose any three terms you like. Your terms should be bolded. You must use different terms for each essay. Your midterm will have a total of 6 unique Key Terms. You must confine your answers to within the scope of this class. You may use your notes, textbook, PowerPoints, and any other material from class. You may NOT use any other sources including the internet. An “A” level essay will mention primary sources that you read. If you use a primary source or a documentary, you must cite it.
Essay Questions
Section 1 (since the midterm): Compare the Congress of Vienna with the Paris Peace Conferences. What were they? What were there goals? Which ideologies influenced them? What are the
similarities and differences? How do new “mass societies” change the relationship between individuals and the state in the nineteenth century? How does this compare to the twentieth century?
Are there any groups excluded from these mass societies?