Please watch a 2 to 4 minute scene from Blue Velvet, and you have to find the source to watch the scene by your own.

Blue Velvet, Narrative, USA 1986. Written & directed David Lynch

First, watch a 2-4 minute scene from Blue Velvet on mute.

Second, watch the scene again with sound.

Discuss what you notice about the decisions the director and sound designer and mixer made (what sounds are featured and why? what could have been featured that wasn’t? were there off-screen sounds that affected the scene? or non-diegetic audio? did you notice distinct sound qualities of the sound elements? did some ambient sounds shift in volume or prominence as the scene progressed?). Then discuss how it affected you, and hypothesize as to why it did so.

Please name the scene you selected in the subject heading.

In 250 words.