Policy memo

You must write a short memo to a politician of your choice,

explaining why they should support a specific energy policy.

  • Policy examples:
  • Subsidies for electric vehicles.
  • A carbon tax.
  • A feed-in tariff.
  • A tax credit for XXX technology.
  • R&D for XXX technology.
  • An RPS or NEM.
  • Capacity pricing
  • A ban on hydraulic fracturing.
  • In your memo you must cover the following topics:
    • Your argument: why should they support this policy?
    • Describe Policy: How would this policy work? Explain in detail,
    including the key energy institutions that would be involved.
    • Policy Examples: Is there an existing example of this policy that is
    worth following (or avoiding) — explain in detail. (Look ahead to
    policy cases in the syllabus to find examples of readings you can
    • Political Strategy: How specifically would you enact this policy?
    Through a bill in the legislature? Through a budget? Through a
    • Political Barriers: What are the political obstacles to enacting this
    policy? Consider key actors, including interest groups, the public,
    bureaucrats and other politicians.
  • Format:
    • 4 pages, double-spaced, excluding references.
    • You must format the memo at the top, addressing it to
    someone specific, putting your name and a title for your
    • Sources:
    • You must cite academic literature. If you don’t know where to
    start, look at the syllabus.
    • Writing
    • Quite short! Key thing: you need to write concisely and
    • Look at the syllabus for writing guidelines