Project about a chemical material which is called Bisphenol A


Before you getting start, review the file that I uploaded. This file has all the information about my project.

So, after you see it, you should do the following things.

Project Description

So, I would like from you to write 1400 words identifying and describing major global issues through application of information literacy principles for research, evaluation, and communication of global and cultural systems. To do this, you will find and research a public controversy.

Next, you will learn how to present an unbiased analysis of two arguments created by stakeholders with seemingly incommensurate goals about a global or cultural issue or topic. You should clearly identify both stakeholders, fairly represent their perspectives using evidence, and then find and discuss what the two stakeholders have in common. Building on this common ground, students should then propose and clearly argue for a feasible, objective compromise wherein each would be asked to make concessions that would ultimately benefit both stakeholders, provide contexts in which the compromise will work, and demonstrate that the compromise appeases both stakeholders. Project 1 is a Global Citizens Assignment.

Project Assignment

You will write an essay of 1400 words based on the following requirements:

  1. analyze two stakeholders with seemingly incompatible goals regarding the same issue or topic
  2. provide background on the stakeholders (context)
  3. include a thesis that presents the point of contention between the stakeholders and explains a proposed compromise
  4. identify why these two stakeholders have not yet come to a resolution
  5. establish common ground between these two stakeholders
  6. propose one specific, concrete solution by considering
    • the stated goals and concerns of both stakeholders,
    • current or past solutions, and
    • the feasibility of your solution’s implementation
  7. defend this solution as a workable compromise
  8. incorporate at least five sources: (Use MLA style for the works cited page and the in-text citation)
    • at least one primary source material from each two stakeholders being discussed (i.e., information from the stakeholder websites, etc.)
    • at least one credible, scholarly source for each stakeholder that supports the validity of the stakeholder’s position
    • at least one credible, scholarly source that supports the viability of your proposed compromise

    Role of ResearchResearch for this project will involve moving beyond the stakeholders themselves to a consideration of the issue or topic and a potential solution. You may need to consider the following: basic historical information about the issue or topic; the factual accuracy of the stakeholders’ claims; research that supports your proposed solution; research that challenges or complicates the issue or topic or proposed solution; research about previously attempted solutions; other research surrounding the chosen issue or topic.In total, the minimum number of sources (and Works Cited citations) should be five: two primary sources from the stakeholders, one source per stakeholder supporting the stakeholder’s position, and one source supporting your compromise.Future ConsiderationsProject 1 fosters an understanding of viable compromises tailored specifically to the goals of two stakeholders with disparate objectives. In subsequent projects, you will build on various skills developed in Project 1, particularly in regards to demonstrating empathy when describing stakeholder perspectives and finding common ground between those perspectives.Terms You Should Know

    • Compromise: an agreement reached between two opposing sides of an argument
    • Empathy: the ability to understand the stance of an organization or individual with which you do not agree
    • Negotiation: the act of finding a compromise between competing stakeholders
    • Rogerian Argument: a style of essay that presents two, seemingly incompatible perspectives on a topic and a possible compromise between the perspectives

    Also, review the rubric to make sure you cover it everything.