Please read and follow all the instruction shown below.

Submit: A 4-page analysis of Stone Energy’s derivative contracts. Your paper must:

o Analyze the risks presented by each of the three derivative contracts.

o Explain the financial benefit each contract is meant to bring to the company from the company’s perspective.

o Specify whether these derivative contracts relate directly or indirectly to the company’s business.

o Evaluate the risks and benefits of the three derivative contracts for the company (for example, whether you think the risk is worth the price or if better alternatives exist that the company could pursue).

Please also submit a cited page

.Most publicly traded companies participate in derivative contracts, also known as arbitrage transactions. Assume that you have been asked by your CFO to prepare an analysis of Stone Energy’s derivative contracts presented in the company’s most recent SEC 10-K. Think about the derivative contracts, the risks and benefits presented, and why the company is entering into each contract. Consider how you might go about summarizing the risks and benefits of the derivative contracts.

To prepare:

o Examine the Item 7 “Management Discussion and Analysis” section of the Stone Energy Corporation SEC 10-K.

o Summarize three of the derivative contracts into which the Stone Energy Corporation has entered.

o Describe each of the three contracts and consider the risks presented by each.

o Weigh the benefits each contract might bring to the Stone Energy Corporation (financial consequence or impact).

o Consider why Stone Energy Corporation is entering into each contract.

o Consider whether each of these transactions is related to the Stone Energy Corporation’s business or outside their business.