proposing given essay topic with sources synthesis

Topic: Surviving Kinsale: Irish emigration and identity formation in early Modern Spain, 1601-40

database for sources:

I will attach an example of this assignment down below, they are two pages, Along with my topic idea

1. Write a 40-50 word comment explaining your topic to your TA: what topic you’re interested in, what you really want to know, why you care, etc. ( I will provide you with the topic)

I will provide you with a format this part should be in along with an example…

2. Find 3 secondary sources from the given database that relate to your topic. Pay attention to what you find really interesting, what is important to you, what you would like to understand better, and what you think others will find important or that they should know or understand better. In particular, observe and note the gaps, inconsistencies, contradictions, tensions, complexities, curiosities, surprises, or lack of information that you encounter: it is often the things that don’t seem to make sense that lead to the best research.

3. Annotated Bib: choose 3 secondary sources and annotate each with 3 with main idea, significance for topic and why it’s important. Include in text citations

4. Synthesis: Based on your research, reading, and thinking, what unresolved and contestable conceptual problem or issue have you identified? What questions do you have about that problem? State that conceptual problem, and then propose a question that you will explore in order to resolve the problem. What is a “conceptual problem”? It is something that makes you wonder, that doesn’t make sense to you, that piques your curiosity. It’s a conflict, contradiction, curiosity. Narrow your topic to

1 particular, preliminary research question that addresses the conceptual problem. This question is what MMW calls a Level-3 research question: an open-ended question that can be addressed, but not answered definitively, with scholarly research. Level-3 questions have more than one plausible answer grounded in scholarship. You may have one research question to start your research, and a more refined question that emerges after your research. Write 50-60 words identifying a conceptual problem or issue and proposing a preliminary, level 3 research question that addresses the issue. Note what caught your attention and curiosity and present your question.

Please make three separate pdf for the sources you use and in each PDF just include the pages that you used, doesn’t have to be the whole article. . For each source you find relevant, scan the title and copyright pages and each page that has ideas and information you may want to use. DO NOT SCAN A WHOLE ARTICLE OR BOOK–that can crash the system if you try to submit it and is unusable by your TA, which means you will need to resubmit and could accrue late penalties. Save all pages from the same source as a separate .PDF file. Name your source file: “Author’s last name_Title of Document” (can be a short version of the title as long as it correlates to the Work Cited list in a clear way). See “Guidelines for MMW Papers” for detailed instructions.