read the attached document and answer two questions 2 answer six questions about a video

1. What are Stalin’s priorities?

2. What images does Stalin use to capture his audience’s attention?

3. How did the Soviet people experience Stalin ’s industrialization drive?

  1. What two significant world events aided Hitler in his path to power?
  2. What made Hitler successful in connecting with his audiences through his speeches?
  3. What was Hitler’s vision of how the world should function as described in Mein Kampf?
  4. How did Hitler try and create a dynamic image? What techniques did he use to seem charismatic?
  5. Who did Hitler define as enemies of his regime? How did he treat them? Why did he choose certain “defined enemies?” Why did people support his use of violence?
  6. Why does the narrator argue that Hitler’s lack of compassion and empathy benefitted him?