technical paper presentation

base on a research paper write a power point

The purpose of this exercise is to gain experience in the preparation and delivery of a technical presentation.

That experience comes both from delivering your own presentation and from observing your classmates’

presentations. The art of giving a good presentation is one that is essential regardless of the career path

that you choose. You may find the process of giving effective presentations challenging and intimidating.

However, with sufficient practice and preparation, you can learn to give an effective presentation.

You will be giving a 10-12 minute presentation on a topic that you have already a substantial knowledge.

10-12 minutes can be surprisingly short, so you need to carefully evaluate the material that you choose to

present. Several practice runs through the presentation will help you to have confidence in the amount of

time that you will need, the overall flow of the presentation and your ability to articulate your ideas.

Giving a good presentation is about more than just conveying a piece of information. It is about actively

engaging your audience’s interest. You are required to make it interesting. A large part of conveying interest

is through your own attitude. Use your voice to connect with the audience.

You will use presentation slides, which should be well prepared, relevant and easy to understand. The

slides should enhance what you are saying, rather than detract or distract. Michael Ernst has some good tips

in the section “The Slides” which is available here: mernst/advice/giving-