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To Benefit, or not to Benefit; That is the Question

We learned in Chapter 10 that social construction as it relates to technology is the process by which groups make decisions as to what type of technological systems should be considered and used. Recent advancements in medical technology have come by way of the introduction of and the use of radio frequency technology (RFID) in the form of a microchip implant. This microchip can be implanted underneath the skin, and serves as way to assist in patient identification with a unique ID number that can link to a patient’s medical history, medications, allergies, and contact information.

Do you consider this form of technology to be beneficial to patients? Is this something that you would consider as a patient or even recommend for a loved one? Explain your positions in response to both of the posed questions with supporting facts and references. Be sure to cite any references using APA format. Your answer should consist of a minimum of 300 words.