SMART Goals Project Management Simulation Report


Access the simulation through the HBP course pack. An instructional video is available to familiarize you with the simulation content. The simulation will be set to OPEN Saturday at noon, you can start at anytime.

The simulation is designed to be very simple to begin. Students using the simulation outside of class should be able to read the information on the “Prepare” tab and then simply begin. There is no time limitation to run the simulation – take your time, takes about 30-40 minutes to complete the run of a scenario. The simulation has been set up so that each team will run TWO different scenarios. You are expected to report on your strategy, performance and key learning on each scenario.

PS: Always read project objectives carefully at the beginning on each run, as these may change. Make sure you click on every tab and read all the information available.


Your final report should include the following elements (for each Scenario run  – 2 total):

Description of Our Strategy – (3-4 paragraphs for each scenario run)

  • Explain your initial choice of targets in terms of scope, time and cost. How did you make your decisions? Did you decide to deviate from targets specified by executives, for instance an earlier completion date? Why.
  • What worked, what didn’t work? If your strategy changed while you were playing, explain how and why you changed your strategy. For example, if your team fell behind schedule, what did you do? Was your team faced with unanticipated events and how did you react to the crisis?

Assessment of Your Performance and Drivers (2-3 paragraphs for each scenario run)

  • Did you complete your projects successfully? Assess your project performance in terms of project outcomes and team attributes.
  • What seemed to be driving project outcomes and team attributes? What made them better or worse? Make sure you include a reflection on each organizational mechanism available and how it impacted performance.

Your Proposed Strategy (2-3 paragraphs, for each scenario run)

  • If you were to run the simulation scenario again, knowing what you know today, what would your strategy be? Why? This is an opportunity for the groups that performed poorly.  Show me what your learned from this process)

Reflection on TWO Scenarios – (1-2 paragraphs)

  • What was fundamentally different about the project context in the two scenarios you ran? Having dealt with these distinct scenarios, how would you revise your advice to project managers regarding their approach to a new project?

Exhibits (no limit, indicate the scenario)

  • Please include relevant screens from the simulation noting detail on your performance and outcomes against targets
  • Please include any relevant analysis of project performance data
  • Other exhibits you may consider relevant

Record Sheet, Week #

May be helpful as you go through the simulation to keep a team record of the choices you made each week. The following template is provided. You DO NOT have to include it as part of the report.

Decisions Week #

Choice of Parameters

Rationale for Selection





Review (Prototypes)

Weekly Cost Total