The influences of advertising on consumer behavior

Part 1 Write a discussion post.

The discussion post should answer the following questions: “Does advertising really influence consumer behavior? How? Is this a good thing for society? Why? Why Not? Include at least 1 credible reference.

Also think about including the following:

1) Notice and review the advertisements you see on TV, hear on the radio, view on billboards, magazines and in the newspaper

2) Notice the online environment and ask yourself the question: would it exist without advertising revenue? Does online advertising work?

3) Notice the subtle aspects of promotional activity, including: social media, PR, e-marketing, blogs, flyers, etc.

Part 2 Reply to both of the following posts.

Post 1: Marketing departments are constantly working on creating ads that appeal to an audience’s curiosity. There is no denying that a good advertisement will increase sales and brand awareness (Tortorice, 2017). An ad is a great way for consumers to learn more about products and services. If the consumer is intrigued enough by what they have viewed, it is likely they will end up purchasing the item. Brand awareness is key to a successful company. If no one knows what a particular good or service is, how could they ever make a purchase? An advertisement let’s the consumer know a particular company exists and bring the brand a wider audience (Tortorice, 2017). Social media marketing has tremendously impacted advertisements. When followers see an “influencer” posting about a product they love or use, it is human nature that the follower will then want to purchase the same thing. This can be a great way for others to learn about different products by getting a recommendation from someone they value. However, there are negatives that go along with advertising. First, for a small business starting out, it can be difficult to set aside a significant marketing budget. This can leave them at a disadvantage from competing with big name companies. Next, advertising can give some people false beliefs. For example, there are many weight-loss companies that advertise how they have the best thing to make someone loose weight, this can be deceiving. It is not likely a pill or potion will make someone lose twenty-five pounds in three weeks. Overall, I would say advertising has an immense impact on consumer behavior and is a good tool when viewed with discretion. Many businesses wouldn’t be successful without advertisements.


Tortorice, M. (2017, March 08). How Advertising Affects Behavior. Retrieved January 17, 2019, from…

Post 2: An effective advertising program will align with the integrated marketing communications of a business and should get a clear message to the consumer that influences their behavior. Choosing the right platform and creative to clearly transmit the intended message is an important part of effective advertising. In addition, sending the same message across all channels will reinforce the message to the consumers. A successful advertising campaign for a business can have tremendous results for shareholders. While all campaigns may not have these great returns, advertising is a must for small and large business alike. As technology is changing the advertising industry, the benefits for society are expanding. Advertising promotes spending so along come the obvious economic benefits for a society but with technology these benefits are rapidly expanding to the consumer. With companies collecting data like never before and having access directly with consumers through mobile devices their ability to engage with their target market is becoming amazing. I am personally looking forward to the day that Amazon is sending me the things I need before I even know I need them. Kidding aside, the new technological advances available to reach consumers also gives small business an advantage that they have not had when competing with larger companies with larger advertising budgets. Small business is a driving force in the economy and employs a majority of the workforce. The success of these small businesses has a more direct affect on society as more workers are employed. Technology has drove down the cost to advertise allowing businesses to pay higher wages or increase their workforce.